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Based in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Cascadia Green Development has built its reputation on integrity, quality work and our commitment to innovation in the green building industry.

Creating Quality Places

At Cascadia Green Development, our core values drive us to create living spaces that preserve the natural environment, promote cultural diversity, and offer affordability within economically viable settings. To achieve this, we understand the importance of balancing client needs and market demands.

Our projects are carefully tailored to align with current market values and expectations, resulting in a diverse portfolio that includes a variety of homes. This approach allows us to provide accessible housing for a wide range of people, catering to different needs and preferences. Achieving our vision requires keen market insight, as well as collaboration with various businesses and government agencies. By working together, we can better support the diverse communities we serve, ultimately fostering a more inclusive and sustainable environment.

CGD About Us History


Since being founded by Farzad Mazarei in 2009, Cascadia Green Development has been a frontrunner in innovative and affordable residential projects.

Farzad’s vision of sustaining the environment, fostering cultural diversity, and ensuring affordability within economically viable settings was realized in the first home he built. This remains the cornerstone of Cascadia Green’s initiatives.

While not the largest development company, our size offers unique advantages, enabling us to understand every aspect of the development process and utilize our experience and resources effectively. Over the last 14 years, our focus on creating ‘places that truly live’ has shaped our culture, prioritizing not just the three aspects of sustainability but also the essential elements of a neighbourhood.

Cascadia Green Development places great importance on the walkability of a community, as it directly contributes to its success. By focusing on pedestrian experience, we foster connections among neighbours and elevate the importance of daily life. Our ultimate goal is to create caring, interconnected communities where people are aware of and engaged with each other, contributing to a stronger sense of belonging and well-being for everyone.



From single-family homes to multi-family residential projects, our work reflects innovation and contemporary design that will benefit the community for generations while addressing current housing needs.

Meet The Team

Our staff are our success, and we are proud of the team of development professionals that are essential in everything we do at Cascadia Green Development—from how our guests are greeted at the office to our unique approach and how we engage the community to create ‘places that truly live.’

Shirazeh Dabiri
Shirazeh Dabiri

Director of Operations

Bita Ghassemzadeh
Bita Ghassemzadeh


David Youngson
David Youngson


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